So Long, Darlin' was built out of a need to breath.  The move to everything virtual meant that work and life and everything else never stopped - and the lines became increasingly blurred!  Taking time - whether a minute, an hour, a day - felt selfish, but after many months, I realized it was necessary so that I could give the best version of myself to my family, my career, and everything else that I enjoyed.

Voila!  I discovered the importance of self-care!  Find your innocent pleasure - there are no guilty pleasures around here!  Fitness, Reading, Writing, Drinking, Soaking, Lounging...whatever it is (we keep it PG around here), we hope you find what you need to make it happen.  We have the goods, so you can make the time.  Your best self is already inside and all you need is a minute to enjoy yourself before sharing it again with the world.

Say 'So Long, Darlin'' to whatever is keeping you from enjoying life!  XO, Lindsay