Hi!  I'm Lindsay and I'm the proud owner of So Long, Darlin’ LLC.  I chose to write this post a few days after officially opening for business - I wanted the initial emotions to subside and have a moment of reflection first.  I'm overcome with appreciation, excitement, hope, and relief.  As a first post, here is the story of So Long, Darlin'...

My third and last baby was born in December 2019 and I spent 10 beautiful weeks enjoying him and my school aged daughter and toddler son.  In addition to raising my kids, mentally I was ready to get myself back.  I never felt my best when I was pregnant and as a fitness enthusiast, I missed feeling like I was at my peak.  By the time I went back to work (and I work a lot!) in February, I felt amazing.  And then we know what happened two weeks later...COVID-19.  Working from home...no daycare...middle school transitioned to virtual learning.  I was lost...I was frustrated...I was stressed...I was unable to take care of myself on top of keeping my children and career afloat.  I let myself take the back seat.

Fortunately, I have a husband who gives more than he could ever take and always asked what he could do, what I could do, to make things better despite the circumstances.  It wasn't until my son turned 1 (aka sleeping through the night and no longer nursing), that I was ready to prioritize myself again.  I started exercising every day (5am!) and that mental change gave me the motivation to find new ways to care for myself.  It was my ah-ha moment that the more I did for myself, the more I was capable of doing for others.  I decided around the end of 2020 that I wanted to build something focused on self-care.  I wanted to find ways to remind people to take a minute, an hour, a day to themselves.  From there So Long, Darlin' was born.  

The name you ask?  Well, my maiden name is Long and I am extremely proud of my roots and my family.  So Long is how my dad signs off most of our phone calls and my grandmother called everyone darlin'.  More importantly, saying 'So Long, Darlin'" to whatever is holding you back...your fears, expectations, and your past.  You can move forward, you can do anything, but you have to take care of yourself.  We can't expect others to know how to care for us, if we don't know how to care for ourselves.  I know that now...and it’s now my life’s goal to remind others they need to as well!

so long!

March 12, 2021 — Lindsay Quilty